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Walrus Furniture Butter

Walrus Furniture Butter


Inspired by varnishes created for early violin and cello finishing, Walrus Oil's Furniture Butter penetrates and seals with tung oil and other plant-based polymerizing oils, pine rosin, and hard waxes, pulling out natural wood colors and tones, and locking them in permanently. The rosin and hard waxes add sheen and provides water protection after fully cured. Furniture Butter can be used as a completely standalone product and "one n done" solution. It also can be used after our Furniture Finish or before our Furniture Wax. Handcrafted with Tung Oil, Polymerizing Safflower Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Pine Rosin, and Lime Oil. 16oz