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Ice Epoxy Deep Cast (2:1)

Ice Epoxy Deep Cast (2:1)

PriceFrom C$136.90

CLEAR CASTING EPOXY Crystal clear casting epoxy is used for mass castings with thicknesses greater than 1 in. and up to 4 in.

ICE CAST is UV resistant with anti-yellowing agents for long-lasting clarity.

PROPERTIES Ratio 2A: 1B UV Resistant Bubble free 100% solids

No odours - low viscosity Crystal clear High gloss appearance Magnifies object appearance Resistant to bacteria Resistant to moisture

Excellent air release qualities

Will not distort with age

APPLICATIONS River tables /bar top rivers High build coatings Mass castings

MADE IN NORTH AMERICA: We are the manufacturer, our resin chemists have been innovating resin formula for years. Not a white label company, we make only top-quality resin epoxy for furniture, arts & crafts.

APPLICATIONS: Our crystal clear casting resin is Non-Yellowing so your projects withstand the test of time,

Perfect epoxy for furniture making, deep castings & moldings, Best suited for pours up to 4 inches or less.

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