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Law Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 12

From the very first season, "SVU" not only tells the stories of criminals and victims, but takes a look at these characters from a psychological point of view. The center of this episode is piano teacher Larry Holt (Kent Broadhurst), who is seen as a hero in the neighborhood for teaching piano to underprivileged kids and giving them a chance at having a future. However, the SVU detectives quickly discover that Holt has another side to him when he's all alone with his students. In order to convict him, Stabler, Benson, Detective John Munch (portrayed by Richard Belzer and featured in over 15 seasons), and Detective Monique Jeffries (played by Michelle Hurd and featured during the first two seasons of the show) must convince one of Holt's star students to testify against him. However, Evan (Wilson Jermaine Heredia) is a complicated character, and his actions elicit strong emotional responses from a few of the detectives.

Law Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 12

Towards the end of a frightful season, "SVU" plays some inside baseball and focuses on drama between departments. Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak (Diane Neal) has her eye on a judge that may be responsible for the outcome of the unit's most recent case. The episode begins to prove that Novak is not all talk, she's about justice even when the case is already closed. And that means questioning the power of those with the most influence.

Confident that he didn't do anything wrong, Stabler vehemently refused to abide by the Internal Affairs Board's demands. Before Benson was able to talk some sense to her partner, Cragen revealed that he already filed for his retirement, leaving the task force for good. In hindsight, doing something drastic like this was in character for Stabler who could be impulsive and emotional at times - but despite that, one cannot deny how ill-fitting Law & Order: SVU handled his exit, especially for a character who was front-and-center of the show for 12 seasons. 041b061a72

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