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Rci Resorts

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is reshaping the world of travel as the world's largest timeshare exchange network. When you use your WorldMark credits with RCI, you get access to a worldwide network of affiliated timeshare resorts. Plus, RCI members get exclusive travel access and discounts for hotels, resorts, car rentals, cruises, and more.

rci resorts

There are two programs available through RCI that allow WorldMark owners with an RCI membership to pay for reservations with cash instead of credits.Extra Vacations offers availability at select RCI-affiliated resorts for a cash payment. Last Call Vacations allows WorldMark owners with an RCI membership to confirm reservations at select RCI-affiliated resorts for a low, fixed-rate cash price.To book using RCI's Extra Vacations or Last Call Vacations programs, click on Book RCI Reservation Today on RCI Exchange page or contact an RCI Guide by phone. WorldMark owners may call the WorldMark/RCI Service Line 1-800-585-4833. TravelShare members may call the TravelShare/RCI Service Line 1-888-724-0667. Both telephone numbers are toll free in North America.

That being said, the supply and demand dynamics can also aid in your planning! For example, towns with tons of timeshare resorts like Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, the Smoky Mountains National Park, and Branson are regularly available in the system.

Another recent question in my email was does owning at a certain resort mean you have wider access to the best resorts in RCI? So this question in part is because this is how Interval International works, but RCI does not work like this at all.

With an RCI Membership, you see all the same resorts whether you own the most expensive timeshare or the least expensive one. If you have the TPUs or points, you can book that exchange no matter what you own.

PlusPartners members with an RCI exchange affiliation have the additional benefit of participating in the RCI Nightly Stay program. This program allows you to book nightly reservations at many RCI-affiliated resorts, instead of reserving a full-week stay.

As you may know, Marriott Vacation Club owners are able to participate in the Interval International exchange program. Marriott Vacation Club owners are able to stay at a wide variety of resorts by exchanging their Legacy weeks or Destinations Club Vacation points with Interval International, but some resorts trade with both RCI and II.

The next time you are about to book your vacation be sure to remember that if you own at one of the Marriott properties listed above, you can trade with both II and RCI. Being able to trade with both exchange companies will afford you access to a much larger network of resorts, and a sizable amount of additional vacation availability as well. This additional access can be an asset for those travelers looking to book desirable locations and times of the year by exchanging their Legacy weeks.

If you find something in the RCI exchange network that you wish to book, you will need to become an RCI member and pay an annual membership fee of $99. At the time of trading your week, RCI charges $239 per trade, you will not pay this exchange fee unless you initiate a transfer. However, these costs can be well worth it, considering RCI features the largest network of resorts of any exchange company, and will give owners an additional 6,300 resorts to choose from by depositing their week into the RCI exchange system.

Purchasing a Marriott Vacation Club Legacy Week on the resale market is an extremely cost-effective way to take advantage of these select resorts who trade with RCI, as well as II. If you wish to learn more about having the option of trading with both II and RCI with a resale contract, you can fill in a contact form and speak with one of our licensed Marriott resale specialists to see which of the above resorts is the best fit for your vacation needs.

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is one of the largest timeshare vacation exchange groups in the world. RCI does not manage any timeshare properties directly, but instead operates an exchange for owners of affiliated timeshare to trade their weeks for other exciting vacation opportunities. With thousands of RCI timeshare resorts located all over the globe, members can plan their dream vacation year after year.

RCI members have access to timeshare resorts in over 100 countries. Members also have access to travel advice and help from RCI travel specialists. In addition, RCI points can be used for perks such as airfare, car rentals, and cruises.

RCI resorts can be designated as Gold Crown or Silver Crown. Gold Crown Resorts are the top-rated for maintenance, hospitality, and housekeeping. Silver Crown Resorts have met RCI standards in the same areas. RCI also awards the RCI Hospitality Award to resorts which consistently provide excellent hospitality to all guests.

Vacation Village at Parkway has continuously been awarded a Gold Crown Status with RCI since 2001. The RCI Gold Crown Resort Award designates resorts that have met or exceeded specific standards in the areas of unit housekeeping, resort maintenance, unit maintenance, resort hospitality and check-in/check-out procedures, and an evaluation of resort facilities.

We are proud to offer you an additional selection of top-tier RCI affiliated resorts available throughout the year, widening your opportunities for the utmost in vacation convenience.** For more information, contact your local Reservation Consultant.**A Signature Selections by RCI Member must make a Reservation for a Signature Selections by RCI Resort via the RCI Weeks Exchange Program or the RCI Points Exchange Program, as applicable.

Grand Pacific Resorts is a leader in sustainable hospitality practices. Several of its resorts have been recognized with the RCI Green Award, including Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel, which earned a Platinum RCI Green Award in 2014, and Hanalei Bay Resort, which earned a Silver RCI Green Award in 2015.

Resorts that have provided outstanding vacation experiences for RCI exchange guests are honored with this prestigious award. These resorts have met quality and service standards based on ratings from RCI Subscribing Member Comment Cards.

The different communications issued by many governmental authorities over the last several weeks regarding mandatory shutdowns, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders have raised questions about how vacation ownership resorts should proceed with their in-house guests.

Many cities, counties, states, and territories have their own way of applying these orders, generating an even more delicate situation for our industry. One variable that adds to the challenge is the interpretation that property managers can have regarding what is an essential business: are hotels, vacation homes, and vacation ownership resorts essential businesses? Should the resort remain open if there is not a mandatory shut-down but there is a stay-at-home order? If it is decided the resort needs to close, what should resort management do with in-house guests on property and new guests with arrival dates during times of mandatory or suggested travel restrictions?

Like you, RCI is navigating through these uncertain times as best we can. As you work with your owners and resort associations we wanted to take a moment to let you know how we can provide support. As of today over 1,800 RCI affiliated resorts have temporarily closed their doors due to the global coronavirus crisis. This is something we have never experienced and are working through the challenges of the new landscape. We can share some examples of what many experienced operators have decided to do:

To support those charged with the responsibility of governing and managing their timeshare resorts. TBMA provides education, networking, resources, and solutions; we serve as a bridge between our association members and industry professionals to help meet the challenges of our rapidly evolving vacation ownership industry.

Most resorts in the timeshare industry are affiliated with an exchange network to allow their owners the alternative of exchanging their week to another property instead of returning to the same place, same time year after year. What that means to timeshare owners is by depositing their week in the pool of that particular exchange network, they may in return request another destination, at another time of the year, in another size of accommodation than what they own. Chances are your home resort may very well be affiliated with RCI and therefore, it is important for you to understand the mechanics of timeshare exchanges in the RCI weeks system and how RCI assigns trading power to specific ownership.

The sizes of accommodation in timeshare resorts vary from studios (basically a hotel suite with mini-kitchen facilities, for 2 to 4 people) to up to 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condos with full kitchen facilities, accommodating up to 10-12 people. The same trading value applies here too, except that it is translated in an RCI Points-Based ownership. If you previously owned a fixed week in a 2-bedroom in a home resort that has recently converted their weeks into RCI Points, the RCI points you may be allowed to convert your week into may vary anywhere from 45,000 to 95,000 RCI Points. The biggest advantage of the RCI Points System is that it no longer discriminates against what members own and is fully translated into an allotment of points deposited in the members' account on a yearly or biennial basis. The RCI Points system has greatly simplified the exchanges and members can now book upon availability based on a first-come, first-served basis.

For converted weeks into RCI Points, RCI Points Members will always have an opportunity to book their Home Week before it is made available to other members as well as having a priority over available units in their Home Resort or at other resorts within their Home Group of resorts.

Some members that bank with RCI, are also benefiting from the trade value of their TaraNova week and exchanging into other resorts with less trade value. The member benefits by retaining some trade value to be used for an additional vacation. RCI also allows you to combine weeks for higher trade value. 041b061a72

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