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Poppy Mobile: The Ultimate Horror/Puzzle Adventure Game

Poppy Playtime game is a free-to-play adventure game, developed by Lamba Studio Games for mobile. This is an unofficial mobile port of the hit survival horror experience from Mob Entertainment. With that said, this is a good remake that tries to recapture the original, optimizing it for mobile devices.

In Poppy Playtime game, you control the former employee who must explore the abandoned Playtime Co. toy factory. Equipped with the trusty GrabPack, you solve puzzles while escaping the monstrous Huggy Wuggy. Similar mobile games inspired by the Poppy Playtime franchise include Project Playtime and Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 - Unofficial.

poppy mobile

Like the original, the mobile Poppy Playtime game also follows the same premise. You are a former employee tasked with returning to the abandoned toy factory after receiving a mysterious letter from a disappeared colleague. The toy factory, however, is filled with monsters. Among these creatures is the blue, long-legged entity only known as Huggy Wuggy. You have to complete levels while avoiding the monster on your tail.

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Our Mobile Outreach Services team has been working hard over the past several months to reshape our outreach library services in response to COVID. We are very excited to be back out in the community serving our members in a safe way with one of our brand new mobile library vehicles nicknamed Poppy.

The poppy is a well-known and well-established symbol, one that carries a wealth of history and meaning with it. Wearing a poppy is still a very personal choice, reflecting individual experiences and personal memories. It is never compulsory but is greatly appreciated by those who it is intended to support.

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Corresponding cDNAs have been isolated for all enzymes shown in blue. The dotted arrow refers to a conversion catalyzed by unknown enzymes. Chemical conversions catalyzed by each enzyme are shown in red. Compounds in bold are major accumulating alkaloids in opium poppy latex.

(A) Immunoblots showing the relative abundance of the final six morphine biosynthetic enzymes in the opium poppy chemotypes T and 40. Equal amounts (50 µg) of total protein extracts from different organs were separated by SDS-PAGE. Protein blots were probed with polyclonal antibodies specific for each enzyme.

(B) Immunoblots showing the occurrence of the final six morphine biosynthetic enzymes in the latex of opium poppy chemotype 40. The blots were probed simultaneously with MLP antibodies as a gel loading and autoradiogram exposure control. Data are representative of three independent experiments.

Polyclonal antibodies were raised against: SalSyn ([E] to [H]), SalR ([I] to [L]), SalAT ([M] to [P]), T6ODM ([O] to [T]), COR ([U] to [X]), and CODM ([Y] to [ZZ]). Serial cross sections of resin-embedded tissues from opium poppy chemotype 40 were 0.5 µm in thickness. One serial section for each organ was stained with toluidine blue O to show the anatomical organization of the phloem, with several laticifers indicated by red asterisks ([A] to [D]). Immunofluorescence labeling of laticifers was performed using MLP polyclonal antibodies ([AA] to [DD]). Bars = 25 µm.

Quantitative RT-PCR was performed using total RNA isolated from the whole stem and latex of opium poppy chemotypes T (A) and 40 (B). The experiment was performed in triplicate and produced similar results each time.

COR has previously been associated with the latex proteome along with T6ODM and CODM, but the O-demethylases were hitherto unknown and the corresponding proteins were annotated as SRGs (Decker et al., 2000). The occurrence and relative abundance of T6ODM, COR, and CODM in laticifers, compared with SalSyn, SalR, and SalAT, is supported by the detection of corresponding gene transcripts in latex (Figure 6). Unlike the adjacent sieve elements, the articulated, anastomosing laticifers in opium poppy contain nuclei and ribosomes and do not appear to rely on other cells for gene expression and protein synthesis (Hagel et al., 2008). The relative abundance in latex of transcripts corresponding to SalR, T6ODM, COR, and CODM is consistent with the comparative levels of these enzymes determined using shotgun proteomics (Figure 5). The low to undetected levels of SalSyn and SalAT transcripts in the latex is also consistent with the lack of detection of the corresponding enzymes in the latex subproteome. However, the relative abundance of all tested transcripts was similar in whole stems, despite the detection of all proteins except SalAT in the corresponding subproteome. Minor differences are apparent in addition to the expected absence of T6ODM protein (Figure 2) and transcript (Figure 6) in the T chemotype (Hagel and Facchini, 2010). Interestingly, SalR and SalAT appeared relatively abundant in latex by immunoblot analysis (Figure 2B), suggesting that similar short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase and acyltransferase proteins distinguishable using shotgun proteomics, but cross-reactive with polyclonal antisera, occur in laticifers.

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